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David NG

eHelp Association
Hong Kong
David has been devoted to the advocacy of children's rights in Hong Kong and international level since 1999 when he was selected to be one of the Ambassadors of United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and as a founding member of the Children’s Council in Hong Kong, he co-founded Kids' Dream, the first child-led organization based in Hong Kong, promoting children's rights locally and regionally in 2006.

For long, he has been working on the field of child right advocacy and of their empowerment. David is also one of the founding member of DotKids Foundation, he attended and spoke in IGF 2013 Bali, IGF 2014 Istanbul, IGF 2015 Joao Pessoa, IGF 2016 Guadalajara, APrIGF 2013 Seoul, APrIGF 2014 New Delhi, APrIGF 2015 Macau, APrIGF 2016 Taipei, ITU Child Online Protection Initiative meeting, UNCRC’s Day of General Discussion 2014 and RightsCon SouthEast Asia, in promoting the creation of child-friendly Internet for the well being of children and youth.

In the past 5 years, he was worked at DotAsia Organisation (www.dot.asia) which is a not-for-profit registry of the TLD .Asia, with a mandate to promote Internet development and adoption in Asia, including the promotion of children and youth participation in Internet Governance for the sustainable development of Internet. Being the coordinator of youth volunteers network NetMission.Asia, facilitated youth in organizing engagement programs such as Youth IGF Camp in parallel with APrIGF (www.yigf.asia), NextGen@ICANN (www.ngi.asia) and NetY Ambassadors Program (www.nety.asia) were initiated by NetMission, so as to bring more voices of youth to the table of Internet Governance Discussion.

And now he is studying Master Degree on Children's Rights in University College London. Meanwhile, he is also served as one the founders of eHelp Association, based in Hong Kong, which is of the joint force of various stakeholders locally and globally to combat the dissemination of Child sexual abuse materials online.

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