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Paola Perez

ISOC Ambassador
Senior year of Systems Engineering, Department of Computer Systems at the University of the Andes, Mérida - Venezuela. Under thesis on "Evaluate and improve the deployment of BGP protocol in the data network of the University of los Andes (ULA)" (of aproximatelly 15.000 users), and get training for being able in the end to share the experience with the ULA network managers. This is the first university here, to tackle the problem of configuring BGP with multiple providers, considering Internet 2.

Internet Society fellow from Venezuela in September 2014, as a student at the University of the Andes to attend the first meeting Internet governance at the Central University of Venezuela (Caracas). In March 2015, Internet Society fellow to attend as a representative from Venezuela in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) number 92 in Dallas, Texas (USA). In August 2015, I was the only Internet Society invited to attend the Regional Preparatory Meeting for the Internet Governance Forum (LACIGF8) in Mexico City. In September-October 2015 I was invited by the Internet Society to attend the event: "Fostering Leadership Internet" which included LACNIC24 / LACNOG15 sessions, and the Second Internet Governance Forum in Colombia, Thunderbid seminar on Leadership School of Global Management, and collaborative leadership Exchange with Sulá Batsú, hold by Internet Society in Bogota, Colombia. In November 2015, I was selected like an Internet Society ambassador for Internet Governance Forum (IGF) number 10 that will be hold in Joao Pessoa, Brazil.
Excellent team player, self - always motivated to learn new things, leader, disciplined, focused, generous, listener, positive, responsible, safe, friendly, visionary. Features to acquire technical knowledge and skills quickly; solve problems and innovate.