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Giovanna De Minico

University of Naples
Professor of Constitutional Law, Law Department, Director of the European Research Centre on Media and Liberties Ermes
Via Nuova Marina 33, 80133, Naples
Specialized in Civil Law, completed Ph.D. in Public Law. Full tuition fees for a post-doc. Professor of Public Law in 2001, and of Constitutional Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Naples “Federico II". Teaches also Media Law. Research interests include: Independent Authorities, Soft law, TLC and privacy, Internet and new liberties, Terrorism and Fundamental rights. Authors of three monographies and 40 essays, also published in International Journals. Consultant of the Consiglio Superiore delle Comunicazioni; member of the Parlamentary Commission built by President Boldrini for the Bill of rights of Internet; director of the Interdepartmental Centre European Research Centre for Media and Society (www.ermes.unina.it). Coordinator of the International group on Fundamental right at the age of Internet built by the International association of constitutional law.