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Thursday, November 12 • 16:30 - 18:00
Main Session on Dynamic Coalitions

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Dynamic Coalitions Main Session


3 Hours, split into two 90-minute sessions:

-   90 minutes on Day 3 afternoon

-   90 minutes on Day 4 morning

Brief Description/Objective

After 9 years of letting Dynamic Coalitions evolve in the margins of the IGF, the MAG agreed to bring their work into the mainstream and let them present their findings with a view to producing IGF outputs.

This is in line with the recommendations of the CSTD Working Group on IGF improvements which called for more tangible IGF output. The primary objective of this Main Session is to give an opportunity for the DCs to present and showcase their work to the broader community in a formal manner, during a main session at the IGF annual meeting. Many of the DC’s have undertaken and achieved significant work in their respective fields and allowing them to present working outputs for broad community feedback at the IGF will help increase and strengthen IGF outputs for use of other relevant IG fora and bodies. This session will also be a good chance to highlight the work of the DCs in general and hopes to encourage increased participation in the DCs by those attending the IGF in Brazil in person and following remotely.

The structure of the Main Session, split into two days, will reflect the progress of respective DCs’ working outputs, as determined and declared by those same DC’s. The first part of the session on Day 3 will devote speaking slots to those DCs with final, complete outputs, who are actively seeking feedback from the community. Participants will be encouraged to complete rating sheets on the output documents, which will be broken down into the main issues under discussion.

The second part of the Main Session on the morning of Day 4, will give additional DCs who wish to do so the opportunity to introduce themselves, discuss their work, and encourage participation in their group. The rest of the second day will be devoted to discussion and debate on the outputs presented on the first day. The feedback received via rating sheets will provide guidance for the future work of the DCs.

The following DCs will present their work and receive feedback on both days of the Main Session:

- Dynamic Coalition on Accessibility and Disability (DCAD)

- Dynamic Coalition on Core Internet Values (DCCIV)

- Dynamic Coalition on Gender and Internet Governance (DCGIG)

- Dynamic Coalition on Internet Rights & Principles (IRPC)

- Dynamic Coalition on Network Neutrality (DCNN)

- Dynamic Coalition on Platform Responsibility (DCPR)

- Dynamic Coalition on Public Access in Libraries (DCPAL)

- Dynamic Coalition on the Internet of Things (DCIoT) 

The following DCs will introduce their work on the second day of the Main Session:

- Dynamic Coalition on Blockchain Technologies (DCBT)

- Dynamic Coalition on Child Online Safety (DCCOS)


Agenda and Format

The session is divided into two broad parts, in order to: 

a) allow the Dynamic Coalitions to present their work, in the first part.

b) allow for discussions and debate, in the second part.

Policy questions

The various DCs have been invited to formulate policy questions.

Among others, the following policy questions have been proposed for consideration:

-   The Internet of Things (IoT) is in early stages, and in many ways new possibilities are developed and discovered beyond our imagination, and we welcome it for its potential to help alleviate specific societal challenges where it can. To foster both innovation and user trust in the Internet of Things, like the Internet, a careful balance should be struck between regulation and innovation. What principles should we embrace to ensure that <1> innovation and beneficial application of IoT can foster and <2> society is comfortable with the way these products and services are set up?

-  Good Practice aims at developing IoT products, ecosystems and services taking ethical considerations into account from the outset, both in the development, deployment and use phases of the life cycle, thus to find a sustainable way ahead using IoT helping to create a free, secure and enabling rights based environment. In what ways can (and should?) we empower the users with regards to the use of data reporting on actions relating to their specific behavior as observed in an IoT enabled environment?

-  How can policy makers, libraries and businesses work together to prioritize providing Internet access through public libraries from an infrastructure standpoint?

-  What actions can IGF participants take to promote the role of libraries in creating informed and engaged populations who can effectively use the internet to access information, obtain government services and participate in social and economic activities?

-  How can we ensure that gender is a cross-cutting theme, not an island or silo, that contributes to strengthening internet governance?

-  How can we strengthen gender diversity - men, women, trans voices -  at all levels of internet governance (participants, moderators and panelists)?

· Chair:

[To be provided by the Host Country]

· Co-Moderators:

Jeanette Hoffman, Rachel Pollack 

Representatives from the DC’s will be presenting the work of their respective groups. Speakers are as follows:

- Dynamic Coalition on Accessibility and Disability (DCAD) : Francesca Cesa Bianchi, Andrea Saks

- Dynamic Coalition on Core Internet Values (DCCIV) : Olivier Crepin-Leblond

- Dynamic Coalition on Gender and Internet Governance (DCGIG) : Bishakha Datta

- Dynamic Coalition on Internet Rights & Principles (IRPC) : Hanane Boujemi, Marianne Franklin

- Dynamic Coalition on Network Neutrality (DCNN) : Luca Belli

- Dynamic Coalition on Platform Responsibility (DCPR) : Nicolo Zingales

- Dynamic Coalition on Public Access in Libraries (DCPAL) : Christina de Castell

- Dynamic Coalition on the Internet of Things (DCIoT) : Maarten Botterman

- Dynamic Coalition on Blockchain Technologies (DCBT) : Primavera De Filippi

- Dynamic Coalition on Child Online Safety (DCCOS) : Marie-Laure Lemineur


Remote moderator/Plan for online interaction

The two parts will be linked by feed-back that participants will be invited to give with idea rating sheets. This will allow the DCs to use the feed-back as an introduction to the second part of the session.

More about this rating sheet methodology is available on this website: http://www.idearatingsheets.org/

Moderator: Jeremy Malcolm


‘Feeder’ Workshops and/or Connections with Other Sessions

The annual DC meetings will take place ahead of the DC Main Session and are designed to provide input into the DC the main session.

Desired Results:

The outcome of the sessions will determine the level of support the various DCs enjoy from the broader IGF community. One of the session’s objectives is to determine whether there is acceptance on moving towards an IGF output.

Thursday November 12, 2015 16:30 - 18:00 GMT-03
Main Meeting Hall

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