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Monday, November 9 • 11:00 - 12:30
Orientation Session

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Brief Description/Objective: Orientation sessions are intended for both newcomers to the IGF and those that are already involved but would need to get a more holistic view of Internet governance. It gathers experts, fellows, decision-makers and practitioners to engage meaningfully by, actors and topics related to the Internet governance. The session will be interactive, educative, inclusive, at the same time creative and amusing, it will be open but also guided in order to be effective. Agenda: Main focus: Diplomacy, process, actors; Navigation the IGF, Involvement beyond 2015 Time: 90 mins Set up: - Panel & round-table discussion groups Moderator: Fatima Cambronero   I. (30mins) Diplomacy, process and actors: WSIS process, IGF, other fora (NetMundial, ICANN, ITU, ONU GA); actors/stakeholders and their main positions • A brief of the WSIS process • Role and mandate of the IGF and MAG • Multistakeholder model and roles Q&A and discussion II. (30mins) Introduction: Navigating the IGF • Navigating IGF: providing practical hints and inputs on how to navigate the IGF during the meeting; (Main sessions, workshops, remote participation, corridors, etc.) • How to choose the workshops (color codes) Q&A and discussion III. (30mins) Involvement beyond 2015 • National & regional IGF’s • Inclusiveness: Involving the persons with disabilities, youth and indigenous groups • Capacity building mechanisms and programmes • Continued Engagement - e-participation, mailing list Q&A and discussion Policy Questions: What is the IGF? (space for discussions or decisions). What are the origins of the IGF? Who are the stakeholders involved? How to get involved in the process? How to make contributions during the discussions at the IGF? Is the first time participating that you are participating in the IGF? How to take advantage of the meeting? What do you expect to attend the IGF? The multistakeholder model and the roles of each stakeholder. Multistakeholder Model Vs. Multilateral Model? Perspective of each stakeholder. How to articulate the spaces dedicated to the Internet governance at national and regional level in the global IGF? What other spaces/initiatives related to Internet governance exists and how can I participate? Mechanisms and programs for capacity building in IG issues. Is it within the mandate of the IGF the capacity building activities? What is the role of academia in the Internet governance arena? Continued involvement with the IGF: e-participation, mailing lists, monitoring of Internet governance issues. How can the stakeholder that I represent achieve influence others stakeholders in the IGF debate? Why in the IGF no decisions are made? What would be the benefit of participating in the IGF if I cannot achieve any outcome as representative of my stakeholder? What is the difference in the participation of the representatives of the different stakeholder in spaces such as ICANN / IETF / ITU and the IGF? In my country there is not a national Internet governance forum. As a representative of my stakeholder, what I have to do to organize one? Should I ask permission/authorization to some organization? What procedures should I follow? In my country there is a national Internet governance forum but the stakeholder that I represent have very low representation. How do I get involved? Having participated in this year's IGF, and as a stakeholder representative, how do to stay involved with Internet governance issues? As a stakeholder representative, how do I contribute to making policy decisions that affect Internet when I return to my local community? Moderators: Fatima Cambronero Panelists: Andres Piazza, Olivier Crépin-Leblond, Carolina Aguerre, Pedro Ferraz da Silva, Daniel Fink, Israel Rosas, Sebastian Bellagamba, Jovan Kurbalija, Brian Gutterman, Vladimir Radunovic, Valeria Betancourt, Deidree Williams, Raul Echeberria. Remote moderator/Plan for online interaction: Deidree Williams.

Monday November 9, 2015 11:00 - 12:30 GMT-03
Workshop Room_10

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